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The National Poison Information Center (PIC) is a medical emergency Information/Service Center to improve access to medical care during flood disasters like drowning, snakebite, electrocution/lightning strike, and probably also dog bite/rabies, which have been identified as major problems and leading causes of death in Bangladesh. The idea behind FloodSafe is to improve emergency medical care in case of natural disasters in Bangladesh. The Research project "FlutNetz", which was competitively selected for financial support by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and executed by GU University of Germany. As a part of the Sendai, Japan commitments made by the Government of Germany

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Data center ensures accessible services.

Reliable and personalized advice provided.

Efficient service provision and improvement.

Services catered to local population needs.

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Bangladesh National Poison Information Center

Through Bangladesh National Poison Information Centre with telephone hotline (16801) for medical emergencies will provide medical support. To provide protocol-based best practice advice on animal bite and poisoning emergencies through this call center equipped with all facilities and staffed with especially trained, medically qualified personnel.

Bangladesh National Poison Information Centre will be analyzed and evaluated with respect to its availability, demand by callers, quality of advice, and effectiveness. In the context of the Project the service of the center will initially focus on the population of the area (patients and relatives as well as volunteers and healthcare professionals).

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